Job System

Minor quest or tasks you can perform for bits.

>Example: Tricky is a Repair Pony for general appliances and some firearms.

>With a book or manual he may be able to repair things out of his range ith an efficiency of a full d 20

>If he lacks a user manual/book. He can attempt to tackle the job with a d20-7 if he gets above 10 he gets it working. Now as he works with things out of his range with and without the book he can possibly expand his repair rank to like mechanic or something else after like 10 successful repairs or so.

Bigger the job bigger the pay off. plus an expansive knowledge.

Bit system

Bit system is simple enough to apply you do a quest or job,and there may be bits for you. Everyone who starts a new character can start off with 1,000 bits unless you write enough of a convincing backstory to why you have so much.

>Popper basically Bruce Wayne of the medical world engineered bioweapon,and and develope medicine..Plus her parents left her with a modest 10,000,000. Bits but shes dead now and the amount has grown over the years do to her medical empire and designer drugs,and private military contracts that she had. Leaving Arum and her foals with some security. This is an example.

Food,and stat items for shops

We have food items that offer temp stat boost or act as healing items.

Apple restore 6 hp

HotTrotCola +7 to hit for 4 of your turns.

Neigh Station portable. The games you play have made you immune to fear for a few daysReply  •  Report

Barter system Enchantress

Store Location: Everclear Forrest.

Item types.



Children Toys.



Items in each category: Changes daily.

Store Hours 12-3 am.

Special Item: Wish non bartering item.

Barter system.

shop owners will have a bartering system Shop owners will have d20+5or7

Pill offers up 20 bits for 40 bit neighstation

"Come on its used,and the box is damaged I'll give you 20 bits." 

1d20 = 4 vs 1d20+7 = 14

There are items that increase haggling abilities 

>Pill applies a fine amount of blue lipstick,and she looks stylish.

+4 barter.

"Hey there stud.. How bout I give you 20 bits and kiss for that neigh station."

1d20+4 = 19 Vs 1d20+7 = 25