Jervis "Mad Hatter" Tetch


Early 30s (This is just a guess)


Earth Pony



Cutie Mark:

Top Hat

Sexual Orientation:

[Insert nope.jpg here)


Combat Level:




History: Former scientist of Wayne enterprises until he was proved insane and thrown into Arkham asylum after the kidnapping of Alice Pleasance and several others.

Personality: At first he seems completely normal,speaking calming almost seeming innocent but this is just for the most part a mask. As you get to know this colt he will start to show his true self,a delusional man living a sick and tainted wonderland.As in this state of insanity he can swing back and forth out of his fits of insanity,one moment he's completely calm the next he's out for blood.

Other:The only lethal weapon he carries around is a golden ax. Another item he carries is a deck of mind controlling cards*[Only works if I get high rolls] that are linked with the control band hidden within his hat [if the band is destroyed all cards will be rendered unusable]

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