Uh, Earthpony? He's sort of a pastiche of a second generation Slavic-american immigrant, ethnicity wise.



Cutie Mark:

Lightbulb – He's an engineer and an inventor!

Sexual Orientation:



No information

Combat Ranking:


History: Loss can drive anyone to madness. And often madness and brilliance go hand in hand. He lost his parents at an early age, shortly after finding his talent for science and invention. He was quickly recognized as a wunderkind , but his university instructors noticed a dark bent to his work early on. It was when he left school, and met his wife that he seemed to calm, settling in as an inventor. Selling patents to other ponies and inventing a way to make all the kernals in a bag of popcorn pop, he lived a life of comfort and prosperity. When his wife died in an experiment, due to a faulty tesla coil, his mind snapped. With the money from her life insurance, he has purchased a large house where the Everclear forest hugs the mountains surrounding Widow's Peak. There he seeks the solitude and gloom. A place to conduct his new experiments in privacy.

Personality: Introverted, irritable, dislikes being interrupted. Clever and creative, can be quite charming, but is usually too absorbed in his work.

Shipping Prefferences: Carrot Top Has lost too many people close to him to consider getting attatched to anyone else of either gender.

Others: It's almost impossible to get him to leave the house, and pretty much everything he needs is delivered. Will primarily be a quest giver, but can RP if the situation calls for it.

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