infinite, appears 19ish


Unicorn/Wish Master



Cutie Mark:

Black Butterfly

Sexual Orientation:



Combat Ranking:



Neutral Evil

History: Died during a feudal war,and was revived by her lovers wish. However it came at a cost. She has to work in an enchanted candy shop granting wishes but at a price. The store moves between time and space,and can only be accessed between the hours of 12-3 am,and only when someone has a strong wish. Wise sage-like and a lil immature at times.

"It saved everyone..In a way I guess..Long ago in this very world there was a fourth continent. Things were peaceful not as advanced at this time but peaceful...War broke out and people were evoking the gods.. Trying to win favor for there side..So a young mare set out to find something that could stand to the gods themselves..She evoked Mortem,and with a little magic,and some luck she was able to beat him....As she sought him out time did not stop for her the war had almost claimed her love,and her home...I'n quick desperation she used the staff and lost her life,and she brought the darkness to her land. She wiped out the enemies army,and her home countries army...The land was almost void of life...Her love attempted to redeem,and correct her mistake..He gave himself to spare her,and save the rest of the land....The fourth continents bridges to the the others were destroyed..and our home was sent to the watery abyss of the ocean....And my punishment for using the tool was sentenced to live forever bound to this realm of probability,and hope.- as told by Enchantress herself.