Cherry Pie




Earth Pony



Cutie Mark:

Wrench and a Cherry. (Special Talent: engineering, cybernetics and programming)

Sexual Orientation:



Combat Ranking:


Data Log First entry. (history):
Personal log stardate 818602.7397260272, I have done it I have used a blackhole as a slingshot into the past. the current stardate is...well my oh seems as though my calender marks it in old earth's calender.....2013....over 1100 years into the past... My number one....he's dead....this ship is wreaking with the stench of did i survive?....this starship is now a grave yard for almost 100....givng them all proper funerals my heart is heavy my ship....empty i am the only survivor. .....

my position is heading 236 mk 519 orbiting Nexus three making it back to earth will be a long trip with only the holodeck to keep me occupied.i fear this may not be healthy being alone and so far out....hell the federation doesn't even exist.

personal log second entry:date febuary 28th 2013
I am once again thankful for my skills in robotics i have assembled a crew of AI units they have kept me sane....for now. we are passing though the binary system of riza four in my time a peaceful vacation spot...currently the inhabitants are trying to beat each other with swords. i find it refreshing of my history books that we ponies were doing the same thing two thousand years ago....i look upon the brave Ragna Rok for guidance in this venture.

personal log third entry:
date August 9th 2013
Our ship making the long dreaded voyage is finally home i realize we do not have enough trilithium to fling ourselves around another black hole to make it home... we are stuck in the past until proper methods of using lithium emerge...we're gonna be here a Great to the hell if i know power grand mother should be alive at this point well she still is in my time...wait would taking to her now mess me up? much to study.

Personality: quirky and otherworldly comes off as out of place most of the time.
Cutie Mark: engineering, cybernetics and programming (wrench and a cherry.)