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Bat Pony



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Daughters: Lydia Teasle Marefriend: Pill_Popper

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History: Arum spent fifteen years in the Equestrian Royal Guard and left with significant combat experience. He was promoted to Emissary and Diplomat of Underground Cultures and Species to which he spent several more years in the darkness of caves underneath Equestria. A disasterous civil war in the underground kingdom Spires, left Diplomat Arum with several enemies, along with a distaste for politics. The bat pony is currently looking for a temporary place to stay so he can find out what his career options are. Buerocrats in Canterlot are very displeased with his failure in Spires.

Personality: Aggressive, Jealous, and slightly possessive. Has a significant amount of wisdom due to his age and experiences in life. Has issues with affection. Alignment Chaotic Good . Arum speaks the Lunar and Equine language. He is usually only awake at night. Loves to cook, read, and merely rest in his free time. Has a distaste for Gryphons, gnolls, dragons, and nobility. Values courage and hates cowards.Special Talent and Cutie Mark: Flask. Adept at making wine. Arum snuck into his father's wine collection at a young age and tasted some wine. Liking the dry, robust taste, he started experimenting in his free time, attempting to create a perfect wine. His cutie-mark appeared as he recognized that he would love to create and experiment with winemaking for the rest of his life. Unfortunately, he had to take his father's place in the military after his untimely death in service.

Others: Arum is a fruit batpony. He can cook. Loves weaponry. Desires to secure enough property one day to start his own vineyard and produce wine. Exposure to the elemental DusT, a radiactive particle in the dark of Spires unnaturally increased his lifespan. Arum is still attempting to recover and purge his body of the toxic crystaline DusT. His irises are of irregular shape from the poison. Currently dating Pill Popper. They have two children together named Teasel and Blur. Currently cured of the DuST.


Jewel of Depair: Summon someone back from the dead. Brings them back as a filly. Only one use.